Having a local presence in Egypt the most potential country in the Middle East & Africa markets; allowing to benefit from the GAFTA, Transportation cost effectiveness, Short lead time having the facility close to the Sea port & airport.

Contracting PBIC for manufacturing gives the ability to provide GMP Certificate for each product in addition to the exisiting GMP License of the facility.In addition to the benefits of paymnet with Local Currency, shipment Lead Time, communication Convenience, no need for Middle Man (Agents), Just In Time Delivery.


PBIC manufactures selected APIs; the process includes the following activities: Planning, Research and Development, Production including Intermediates & APIs production, Quality Assurance which include but not limited to: Validation. Documentation Control, Internal Auditing, In process control, Regulatory affairs, Supplier qualification, Recall, Change control system, Handling of deviations, Handling of complaints. Quality Control which include but not limited to: Raw and packaging materials quality control, In-process quality control, Intermediate quality control, Finished goods quality control, Stability study, Methodology, Microbiological quality control.Warehousing, Engineering, Maintenance, Project Management, Calibration, Human Resources, Health and Safety Control & Finance.