Competitive Advantage


PBIC Quality, Environment Health & Safety

PBIC facility is explosion proof and designed according to the International Electrical Code (IEC). It is equipped with Scrubbers to handle gaseous emissions and an INCINERATOR is installed for solvent waste treatment.

PBIC is currently the only API manufacturer in Egypt ensuring accessibility and consistent supply of high quality APIs. PBIC has invested greatly not only in top quality equipment and facilities but also in the continuous training and development of its employees by international consultants. PBIC has highly skillful and qualified personnel working in accordance with highest international quality standards.

At PBIC, we believe that consistent product quality, on-time delivery and a quality system designed for excellent quality assurance are the keys to a long-term successful partnership between PBIC and its customers. PBIC has technical expertise in API chemistry aligned with appropriate engineering skills and an understanding of product quality that meets the challenging regulatory requirements.